What robot is the best suitable option for you?


What can Codian robot mechanics be used for? Well, in our experience you can use them for all high-speed applications. So basically, if you need speed, you choose a delta robot. What model is most suitable for you? All depends on your application. You can choose from over 100 different models. Although we have the world’s widest portfolio of delta robots, we still introduce new designs on a regular basis. So please contact us to help you define your best possible solution.


If you can imagine it, you can do it. Can you imagine apple picking and sorting, fully automated? Harvesting crops, out in the open field? It is possible and our robot mechanics are used for these applications. Let us help you with an out-of-the-box approach. Please contact us to discuss your desires for your application.


End-of-line packaging is a process that often demands high payload solutions, speed and flexibility. Contact us and we’ll help you find the best possible delta robot solution for your needs.


In general, electronics are a composition of tiny parts. You want to automate your assembly process and are looking for a high speed solution? Codian robot mechanics are already successfully working in consumer electronics applications. Our robots have proven to be an added value in assembling smartphones and more. Contact us to learn which robot mechanics would be perfect for your application. We’ll will help you to find your best high-speed delta robot solution.


Both dry and wet food can be successfully manipulated using Codian robot mechanics. Delta robots are the go-to choice for pick & place applications. Codian offers you our knowledge to find the best possible solution in both high-speed and high-payload applications. Contact us to discuss your application.

Meat processing

Hygiene is the most important issue when it comes to meat, poultry and seafood. We offer you a fully Hygienic Design (HD) with IP69K protection class, so you can clean the environment with hot and high-pressure water and detergents. Exposed materials used on these mechanics are food-grade and FDA compliant. Codian HD series robot mechanics are used for positioning, processing and wrapping poultry, fish, sausages and more with the high speed of delta robots.


Picking & Placing, repositioning, pushing and twisting. It’s all possible with Codian robot mechanics. Let us know what you imagine to be the solution of the decade for your application. Our goal is to help you make your automation dream come true, at least the part that concerns the robot. Contact us and share your thoughts, let us make a beautiful future together.


Pharmaceuticals is an industry where automation has clear added value in the production process. We can help you with the fastest delta robots in the world. Codian robot mechanics have proven to be the best solution in a wide variety of pharma applications. Contact us to learn what we can do to help realize your competitive advantage.


Picking & Placing individual bottles or quickly repositioning shrink wrapped packs? This and more is possible with fast Codian delta robotic mechanics. There are too many solutions to name them here. The most important question is: What is the best solution for your application? The easiest way to learn more, is to contact us. We are looking forward to discuss your application.


Looking for a solution for processing, stacking, positioning or something we haven’t mentioned on this page? Please contact us – we love a challenge. Let us help you with an out-of-the-box approach. We think in solutions, so contact us with your ideas.

Our robot mechanics

Codian pick & place solutions are available as open robot mechanics for use with any machine control platform or integrated with B&R controls in a Machine-Centric Robotics solution. The right combination of design freedom and synchronized performance allows the best possible solution for any application.