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TD5 Series

Codian TD5 robot mechanics are are specially designed for customers who have limited space and need a high number of picks per minute. We engineered these specially shaped TD robots so they can be placed with a short center-to-center distance. The overlapping working area makes it possible to maximize the pick rate on a minimized footprint. With the addition of a tilt axis, the TD5 can manipulate the orientation of your products even more freely.

We are happy to help you find the ideal robot. We have a portfolio of over 100 standard delta robots, and with our standardized customization there are many more possibilities. Contact us at or +31 850 643 200 and we will help you make the best choice.

About us

Codian is the leading innovator of Pick & Place robots. We are established in 2011 and proved to be the most important manufacturer of Delta robots. We develop and assemble the best possible Delta robots for your application.

Codian offers over 100 different configurations and above that it is also possible to use the Standardized Customization we offer; the possibility to customize your robot out of our standardized parts.