The most innovative Pick & Place robot mechanics

  • World’s largest portfolio of delta robot mechanics
  • For high-speed applications
  • Can be operated by any control system

Codian robot mechanics

Codian offers the world’s broadest selection of open delta robot mechanics, made from high-quality materials, and fully integrated in B&R’s automation portfolio. Commitment to continuous innovation means customers benefit from the latest in cutting-edge robotics and industrial automation.

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The leading innovator of
open pick & place robots

  • Industrial delta robot mechanics
  • Delta robot mechanics excluding control
  • For high-speed applications
  • Always the most optimal robot mechanics for your application

Our robot mechanics

Codian pick & place solutions are available as open robot mechanics for use with any machine control platform or integrated with B&R controls in a Machine-Centric Robotics solution. The right combination of design freedom and synchronized performance allows the best possible solution for any application.


Codian robot mechanics are world renowned for their high performance, class-leading IP69K hygienic design options and high payload capabilities. They are available without motors or controls for integration into any machine using any control platform. With an array of standardized customization options, they can be tailored to any application. Choose the exact combination of robot series, working area, model, gearboxes and rotation axis to create the best solution for your application.

Mix & match

Looking for a solution for your application? You can make a choice out of the standard configurations. You can also mix and match the standard parts or make your customized robot. We call this standardized customization.

Rotation axes

You have the very unique opportunity to choose from several rotation axes. The robot in standard configuration will have the option for the most suitable rotation axes for the majority of the applications the robot is used for.


The best kept secret of Codian Robotics are the accessories we offer. Please contact us if you are interested in calibration tools, cable routing, our inertia absorber or the two-way vacuum head throughput.

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About us

Codian is the leading innovator of pick & place robots. Established in 2011, we have been part pf the ABB Group since 2020. We have proven to be the most important manufacturer of delta robots. We develop and assemble the best possible delta robots for your application.

Codian offers over 100 different configurations, and with our offer of Standardized Customization it is possible to customize your robot out of our standardized parts.