Improvements of the D4-S040 robot

Continuously improving our robots is one of the core tasks of the Engineers at Codian Robotics. To make our D4-S040 even more efficient, a number of improvements have been made for this model. The result is a 3- or 4-axis robot with more stability and even better performance.

The main change is a new type of base plate. The mounting holes on this plate are located closer to the engine seats. The result is a more stable robot because vibrations are absorbed directly into the machine frame. A more stable robot results in better performance.

In addition to moving the mounting holes, the motor radius has also been changed. This improves the angle between the primary and secondary arms. This means more rigidity and more importantly; a robot that performs better in the extreme corners of its working area.

Due to these new developments, we have a new robot with a higher performance and our portfolio is also being adjusted. We no longer distinguish between the S040L and the S040. The new composition replaces both robots.
We understand that you now want to know what the price of this robot will be. We are happy to make an offer for you and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Please contact us via email for a quote and to answer any further questions and have the new Step Files and documentation sent to you.