Valka, a machine builder in Iceland needed a wash down robot for a harsh environment that would be fast and accurate. They choose the Codian Robotics hygienic design solution for the advantage to select motors and control independent from the mechanics. For Valka Codian Robotics was the obvious choice.

As Valka claims: “Codian Robotics reacted fast to all requests of changes and modifications and worked closely with us when we needed that for example when the first robot arm was not “stiff enough”. Valka also needed new development for a D2 robot that can be tilted. We experienced an excellent collaboration in development of new things and features.”

With the help of Codian Robotics Hygienic Design robots we build the Valka Cutter, a line for fish processing that is accurate, fast and working in harsh environments. This machine even works on vessels in open sea successfully.