A delta Pick & Place robot is fast and incredibly precise. What if those properties were to be doubled? Meet the new TD robots.

TD robots from Codian Robotics have a new form of base plate, enabling the robots to stand close together in a small surface area. The series has been produced specially with the goal of enabling several Pick & Place robots to work together fast and precisely in a restricted area or work space. Through the positioning of the arms, the robots can work at speed without getting in each other’s way.

Super-fast processes
TD robot to perform Pick & Place actions in which several Delta robots need to be able to work at the same time in a restricted area, for example when loading or unloading a product carrier system, where the work space is limited and products must often be loaded and unloaded in close proximity. Watch this example:

The combination of standardised custom work and the innovative solution of the TD series offers you many possibilities. If required, TD robots can be fitted with a rotating and/or tilting axis Our low-noise TD robots are maintenance-free. Carbon or titanium arms are available.

See our TD robots for yourself at one of the trade fairs at which Codian Robotics will be present this autumn. You can order free tickets to these trade fairs via our contact form!